Lifestyle Tats Swinger Tattoos

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Swinger tattoos

An example of all tattoos worn together in armband style.


 Lifestyle Tats sells three individual temporary swinger tattoos. One signifies a couple, another signifies a female, and the third one signifies a male. The first tattoo to the left will be "who you are" and it can be worn alone just to say "I am into the lifestyle". The next tattoo or tattoos will state" who you are interested in". For example, if you are a couple seeking another couple, you will wear two couple tattoos side by side. If you are a couple seeking a female, you will wear a couple tattoo on the left then a female tattoo next. If you feel very adventurous wear a couple tattoo, another couple tattoo, a female tattoo, and a male tattoo and you will have every base covered. What 's really great about these tattoos, is that only people in the lifestyle will know what these tattoos signify. They will be very generic looking tattoo to anyone else. These tattoos will only be sold on swinger related sites or at swinger type functions.  All three tattoos are printed on high quality paper; are full color, and they measure 1.5" X 2.0" each. These tattoos will have the look of a realistic tattoo and are easily removed with rubbing alcohol.  If you are a couple out scouting, you can double your "advertizing" if both partners wear the tattoos. When you place your order you can order any combination of tattoos to suit your needs.

couple (bird and flower)
female (flower)
male (bird)