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"I wore the couple tattoo to a vanilla club last weekend and was surprised that not only one couple reconized the tattoo, but two couples approached us."

Here's what our customers are saying...

My husband and I love to visit nude beaches, and sometimes we have spotted another couple on the beach and wondered if they were into the lifestyle but it was awkward to go over and ask. With these tattoos it takes all the guess work out. If they are wearing these tattoos we already know.                Sandy M. , Vermont 

WHAT A GREAT IDEA! My wife likes to play with single women only, and now she can wear the couple tattoo, and then the female tattoo and there are no hard feelings when another couple approaches us. They take a look at her tattoos and they know at a glance that she doesn't play with couples. Now when we are at a social, she has her choice of single women approaching her. THANKS lifestyle tats.                  George G.   Dallas,Tx

WOW! These tattoos took awhile to catch on here in Irvine,Ca. but we love them now. 
Frank R.  

will be wearing my tattoos at fantasyfest.

I saw the banner advertising the lifestyle tattoos at the Naughty in Nawlins convention in New Orleans. I ordered them and i can't wait to wear them on the lifestyle cruise. It's going to be great to let others know that I like to play with couples, but also that I am bi curious.    Gayle P.